Upali is man, we looked just a like when we were babies,
our favorite color is red, we both love to be in the kichen,
and theres a lot more to say so, he is my MAN!!
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The three biggest sources of influence in Sri Lankan music originate in the cultural traditions deriving from Buddhism, from the aftereffects of Portuguese colonization, and the commercial and historical influence of Indian culture.

Buddhism is said to have arrived in Sri Lanka after the Buddha's visit to the island in 300 BC. Though it is debated as to how the Buddha made this journey, many believe that he did so by traveling across Rama's Bridge (the land bridge that is believed to have once connected the two present-day nations of India and Sri Lanka). Following this visit, it is believed that many of the local populus began converting to the Theravada sect of Buddhism, and it is the influence of this faith that continues to manifest itself in Sri Lankan music.

Portuguese colonizers arrived centuries after the Buddha, in the mid 1400s, bringing with them cantiga ballads, ukuleles and guitars; as well as African slaves (referred to, historically, as kaffrinhas), who brought with them a style of music now referred to as baila. The people of these two regions, and the musical traditions they brought with them, served to contribute further to the diverse musical roots of modern Sri Lankan music.

Sunil Edirisinghe
Sunil Edirisinghe Born on the December 19th , 1949 Patikirige Sunil Jayapreethi Edirisinghe was the youngest among seven siblings, talented artists.
W D Ameradeva
W D Ameradeva This is a tribute to a master musician whose contribution to the music scene in Sri Lanka spanning a period of more than five decades has been an incomparable one. His music has been the most influential force in forging what could be called a truly Sri Lankan music with a unique national character and identity.
Keerthi Pasquel
Keerthi Pasquel Keerthi Pasquel, a household name in the music arena, began his musical career as bass guitarist for the group “Galaxies” in 1976. His original debut song was recorded in 1980 and his maiden audio cassette released in 1985. To-date he has sung over 300 songs winning the hearts and admiration of a multitude of music-lovers.
Geetha Kumarasinghe - Film Artist
Geetha Kumarasinhe Few would argue that Geetha Kumarasinghe is “The Crowning Jewel of Sri Lankan Cinema.” Geetha Kumarasinghe is one of Sri Lanka’s leading actresses who has consistently brought recognition and glory to the country over three decades.
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